Cost of Education

Every effort is made to maintain high academic standards and adequate living facilities at the lowest possible cost to you, the student. Educational expenses for nine months will vary according to your personal needs, program, and degree.

2013-2014 Graduate Expenses
Tuition a, b, d ($789/credit)$7,101$7,101$789$14,991
Required Fees c$119$119$10$248
Lab and Course Fees (estimated)$63$63-$126
Room and Board (Michigan Tech Apartments + Gold Meal Plan)$4,989$4,989$4,989$14,967
Books and Supplies (estimated)$300$300$100$700
Personal Needs & Travel (estimated, includes health insurance)$1,135$1,135$1,135$3,405
Loan Origination Feee$41$41$41$124
  1. All graduate students enrolled in engineering or computer science programs are assessed a surcharge of $755.00 each semester they are registered for 5 or more credits and $377.50 each semester they are registered for less than 5 credits.
  2. Applied Science Education, On-campus Peace Corps Master's International, Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows, OSM/VISTA, and National Service Graduate Fellowship students are assessed tuition at $514.00 per credit hour.
  3. Required fees per semester include:
        Fall and Spring Activity Fee - $50.00
        Summer Activity Fee - $10.00
        Fall and Spring Experience Tech Fee- $69.00 (not assessed in Summer)
  4. Students in research only mode are assessed tuition at $263.00 per credit hour for nine research credits. These students may register for courses in addition to research credits, with permission from their graduate program. Tuition for courses is assessed at the full, regular rate.  
  5. The loan origination fees estimated above are only charged to those students receiving federal loans.
  6. Tuition is based on 9 credits per semester.

* Student who is enrolled for one credit during the summer semester is considered full time.

* International students will be assessed a $150 per semester surcharge (excluding summer semester).