Theses and Dissertations Policy

Graduate students enrolled in a master’s program (thesis or report option) or doctoral program will submit a dissertation, thesis, or report in partial fulfillment of their degree requirements. The dissertation, thesis, or report will be formatted and submitted following the current procedures, as published by the Graduate School. The thesis or report (for a master’s student) or dissertation (for a doctoral student) will be a written description of the original research carried out by the student during their graduate program. Michigan Tech dissertations, theses, and reports will be archived in the J.R. Van Pelt and Opie Library. The Graduate School procedures will be reviewed by Graduate School staff as needed at the request of the Graduate Faculty Council, Graduate Student Government or Graduate School and changes will be forwarded to the Graduate Faculty Council for approval before adoption.

Procedures in support of this policy:

Update history:

  • Procedures revised and approved by the Senate (9/26/2012) and administration (10/10/2012) - Proposal 16-12
  • Procedures approved by the Senate (4/14/2010) and administration (4/21/2010) - Proposal 25-10
  • Fall 2009: Revisions approved by Graduate Faculty Council (10/06/2009) and Graduate Student Government (10/26/2009)
  • 06/23/2008: Based on past practice