Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates can be obtained concurrently with a graduate degree or can be obtained by students who have completed an undergraduate degree. Students interested in obtaining a graduate certificate must apply to the certificate program using the online application. Graduate students who were accepted and enrolled in graduate classes prior to Fall 2010 may apply using the paper application. Undergraduate/Graduate certificates can be obtained concurrently with an undergraduate or graduate degree or can be obtained by part-time students without enrolling in a degree program. All students must, however, comply with the procedures for admission to Michigan Tech.

Graduate Certificates

Requirements for graduate certificates are defined by University Senate Proposal 11-10 and 4-11. To demonstrate that students have fulfilled the requirements of the certificate, students must complete a degree schedule.

A current listing and brief description of graduate certificate programs may be found online

Undergraduate/Graduate Certificates

A certificate is a program of courses that provides a student with knowledge of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary subfield. Departments may offer certificates to both degree seeking and nondegree-seeking students. Nondegree-seeking students who wish to acquire a certificate must comply with procedures for admission to Michigan Tech.

Certificate programs require at least 12 credits, but no more than 25, at least one-half of which must be at the 3000 level and higher. Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course that is used to meet certificate requirements. Departments offering certificates may establish GPA requirements up to 2.5.

  • A full list of certificates is available in the undergraduate catalog.
  • Students interested in pursuing a certificate must first express their interest to the appropriate department and complete a certificate audit form.
  • Students must add the certificate program to their academic record by completing a curriculum add/drop form and submitting it to the Registrar's Office.

Teacher Certification Program

Michigan Tech offers programs leading to Michigan Secondary School Teacher Certification with majors and minors in biology (medical laboratory science), chemistry, computer science, earth science, social studies, English, mathematics, science, and physics. Students with undergraduate degrees combine a sequence of professional education courses with student teaching to get teacher certification at the secondary school level. Contact the Department of Cognitive & Learning Sciences for specific requirements.