For GTAs

International Graduate Teaching Assistants Assistance Program (IGTAAP)

Welcome all International Graduate Students!

The International Graduate Teaching Assistants Assistance Program (IGTAAP) is designed for international graduate students, especially those preparing to become teaching assistants, to enhance communication skills.

In IGTAAP, international graduate students can work with a coach to improve English skills, gain presentation strategies, get oriented to campus and the community and share cultural differences.

IGTAAP has many resources for enhancing communication. During sessions students and coaches can work together on:

  • vocabulary
  • pronunciation
  • slang and idioms
  • conversation
  • listening
  • cultural understanding
  • and more. . .

Coaches will work with students, both one on one and in a small group setting to help them become better prepared to be a GTA at Michigan Tech. Students who are already teaching can practice lectures or lab presentations with their coach.

In working one-on-one and in small groups with undergraduate coaches, international graduate students gain insight into what students from the United States expect from their instructors.

All international graduate students are welcome to attend and participate in the program.

For more information, please contact Sylvia Matthews, Program Director for IGTAAP. She can be reached by phone at: 906-487-3058, by email at:, or at her office, 102 Walker Arts and Humanities Center.

The IGTAAP Coaches look forward to meeting you!