CS Programming Skills Assessment Test

The usual first courses in computer science at Michigan Tech is CS 1121, Introduction to Programming 1, and CS 1122 Introduction to Programming 2. These courses assume no prior experience writing computer programs. If this describes you, do not read any further.

If you have some programming skills and experience (e.g., Basic, C++, etc.), you might find the introductory courses too easy and boring. For your skill level, we have an accelerated introductory course, CS 1131, which covers the material that the two course introductory sequence covers, but in one semester rather than two.

In order to become eligible to register for CS1131, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • have credit for a college-level introductory programming course,
  • a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP test, or
  • pass the CS Programming Skills Assessment test AND discuss enrollment with your advisor.

The CS Programming Skills Assessment test is solely for the purpose of assessing your level of experience. Passing the test is not a guarantee of qualifying for enrollment in CS 1131, and no credit is given even if you do well on the test. You do not have to take the test if you are not interested in taking CS1131.

No matter what choice you make and no matter what class you schedule, you can change your mind and switch up until the third week of the semester, (pending availability of seats in CS 1121).

If you are still interested in CS1131 and wish to take the skills test, click the button below to find out more and take the Assessment Test.

Tests will be reviewed monthly and email notification of pass/fail grade will be send to student.


Note - If you have any questions relating to CS1131 and/or this skills test please call (906) 487-2209 during normal business hours or send email to Leo Ureel ureel@mtu.edu.