PhD Dissertations

Graduate StudentTitleAdvisorMonth/Year
Hu, Lihui A Firewall Model of File System Security Mayo 8/14
Nyew, Hui Meen Mining and Verifying of Temporal Events with Applications in Computer Micro-Architecture Research N. Onder 8/14
Brown, Christopher An Experience-Driven Pedagogy for Instruction of Software Testing in Computer Science Pastel 12/13
Farahat, Aly Automated Design of Self-Stabilization Ebnenasir 8/12
Ding, Shuhan Future Value Based Single Assignment Program Representations and Optimizations S. Onder 4/12
Zhao, Weiming Memory Resource Balancing For Virtualized Computing Z Wang 8/11
Gao, Chunming Study of Accelerometer Assisted Single Key Positioning User Input Systems Pastel 3/11
Zhou, Peng Fine-grain State Processors Onder 8/09
Ma, Yin Register Pressure Guided Loop Optimization Carr 9/07
Stalsberg-Zarling, Krista Liquid-Gas Phase Coupling by Means of Lagrange Polynomials for the CFD Simulation of High-Velocity Dense Sprays Tanner 5/07
Zhang, Zhang A Performance Model for Unified Parallel C Seidel 12/06
Fang, Changpeng Instruction-based Memory Distance Analysis and Its Application Carr 9/06
Srinivasan, Seshasai Instruction-based Memory Distance Analysis and It's Application Tanner 9/06
Shamir, Lior Astronomical Pipeline Using Fuzzy Logic Nemiroff 2/06
Wang, Xinli Detection of Global Predicates in Dynamic Systems Mayo 9/05
Li, Hanyi Comprehensive Evaluation and Optimization of Satellite-based Empirical, Semi-analytical and Neural Network Bio-optical Algorithms for Central Lake Superior Budd 12/04
Qian, Yi Loop Transformations for Clustered VLIW Architectures Carr 8/02
Schemm, Evan Improving Icache Hit Rates in ILP Architectures Sweany 8/02