Chapter 13—Effective Date of Ordinance

Effective Date: 2/26/2016

This ordinance shall become effective on the publication of said ordinance in the Daily Mining Gazette, Houghton, Michigan. Copies of said ordinance shall be made available at the office of the Department of Public Safety and Police Services and at the office of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Michigan Technological University.

This Ordinance shall also be deemed to be a rule or regulation of the Board of Trustees of Michigan Technological University within the meaning of Public Act 80 of 1905 as amended.

Prior: 10/16/70  
  01/28/83 winter parking
  09/23/83 Moped Sec. 1.015 and 3.61
  09/20/85 Added Sec. 3.65 and 3.66
  01/17/86 Added Sec. 3.67 and amended Sec. 5.7 and 5.20(a)
  09/18/92 Changed Vice President of Operations and Finance
  03/19/93 Revised Sec. 3.42 and 9.2
  08/03/00 Changed Executive Vice President and Provost title to Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Adopted: 07/15/2010 Increased handicapped parking violation fee to $100 to be consistent with State of Michigan’s penalty
Adopted: 12/14/2012 Ordinance No. 2012-1. Updated definitions, titles and procedures related to parking
Adopted: 2/26/2016 Revised procedures, definitions and administrative titles.

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