The following reports are produced by researchers, staff, and students in the Department of Social Sciences at Michigan Tech.  All reports are public release but remain copyright of the respective author(s).  

Exploring Opportunities for Collaboration among Calumet Area Municipalities

Contact: Richelle Winkler

Published: 12 December 2016

Potential Applications of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction and Impregnation for the Stabilization and Conservation of Industrial Heritage Artifacts

Contact: Tim Scarlett 

Published: January 2016

Waste & Recycling Programs in Hancock, Houghton, and MTU: Review and Recommendations

Contact: Richelle Winker

Published online 8 Dec. 2015

Exploring the Social Feasibility of Minewater Geothermal in Calumet

Contact: Richelle Winker

Published: 13 Dec. 2013

FirstFridays: Measuring Value using the Community Capitals Framework

Contact: Richelle Winker

2012; Published online 13 Dec. 2013


Documentation based on low-cost photogrammetry: Unidentified structures in Hancock, MI

Contact: Mark Dice or Tim Scarlett

Published: October 2013