Social Sciences

Undergraduate Theses

The following are some of the Bachelor of Science theses that have been completed by students in the Social Sciences department in our various majors, including anthropology, history, general social sciences, and social sciences education.  If your thesis is not on the list and you would like it added, please contact the department or send a PDF of it to us and we would be very pleased to add it.

  • 2009 A. Bastion, "Central Aguirre : reconstructing a company housing typology," Thesis (M.S.). Archives Oversize LD3300.T2009 B378
  • 2009 L. Kiefer, "The Apostolic Lutheran religion in the Keweenaw : divisions in the religion and the influences on family formation," B.S. Archives Oversize LD3300.T2009 K54
  • 2009 A. Nasi, "Interpretation in archaeological research," B.S. Archives Oversize LD3300.T2009 N37
  • 2009 D. J. Nelson, "Moonshine and archaeology : mixing a new cocktail of America," B.S. Archives Oversize LD3300.T2009 N45