Environmental and Energy Policy Graduate Faculty

The following faculty members are either core or affiliated members of the Environmental and Energy Policy Graduate program. Core faculty members typically serve as primary advisors to our MS and PhD students while affiliated faculty members can serve on our MS thesis or PhD dissertation committees.

Core Faculty

Social Sciences

Graduate Director
Environmental anthropology/political ecology; Anthropology of industry (mining, sugar); Hawai`i and the Pacific; Anthropology of public policy
The historical interaction between technological change, uses of the environment, and systems of governance ; Adaptive governance; Sustainable energy and environmental policy
Woody bioenergy; Climate change; Natural resource policy; Biodiversity policy; Bioenergy policy
Toxics, forested watersheds, and northern lakes; Environmental history; Watershed change and water quality; Mining history
Landscape ecology; Conservation Biology; Environmental and Natural Resources Policy; Sustainability science
Social simulation; Agent-based modeling; Land-use modeling; Norm evolution; Survey design; International relations
Alternative technology adoption; Renewable energy technologies; Renewable and alternative technology policy; Sustainable communities; Energy conservation and consumption practices; Self-provisioning; Environmental education
Energy Policy; Renewable Energy Development; Ecological Economics; Emissions Trading; Geography of Energy
Canadian Energy and Environmental Issues; Climate Change Adaptation; Oil Sands Development; Forest Policy; Canadian history
Rural Sociology; Population and Environment; Environmental Sociology; Community Engaged Scholarship; Internal Migration; GIS and spatial analysis

Affiliated Faculty 

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sustainable water and energy systems; Life-cycle assessment; Biofuels; Aquaponics and hydroponics; Sustainable manufacturing processes; Nanoscale materials; Iron chemistry; Ecosystem Services; Natural resource economics
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Photovoltaic Materials and Electronic Device Physics of Solar Photovoltaic Cells, Solar Energy Systems and Distributed Generation ; Green Engineering: Solar Energy, Sustainable Development, Open Source Appropriate Technology, Waste Recycling, Circular Economy, and Energy Policy ; Open Source Hardware, 3-D Printing, RepRap (self-replicating rapid prototyper), Low-cost Metal 3-D Printing, Distributed Manufacturing, Scientific Hardware
Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Contaminant Transport in Groundwater Vadose Zones ; Mathematical Optimization of Groundwater Remediation Systems: Multi-Objective and Uncertainty Problems ; Surfactant-Enhanced Dissolution of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Subsurface Systems; Groundwater Flow in a Fault Zone in the Vicinity of Desert Hot Springs, California; Simulation of Saltwater Intrusion in the Guaymas Valley, Sonora, Mexico California
19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy (especially Phenomenology); Ancient Philosophy; Ethics; Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Science and Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Emissions from Coal Power Plants; Simulation of Operation of Coal Power Plants; Torrefied-biomass (biocoal) as a Renewable Clean Replacement of Coal; Kinetics of Torrefaction and Pyrolysis of Biomass
School of Business and Economics
Metal markets; Sustainability of mining; Social decision-making about resource use
Supply chain management and modeling; Service quality and patient experience in healthcare; Integrated management systems (IMS); Benchmarking and performance measurement; Assessment standards and IMS
Social Sciences
Resource Frontiers; Extractive industries; Heritage landscapes; Indigenous and expert knowledge; Ethnographic methods; Politics of archaeology
History of Technology; Environmental History; Architectural History; Industrial Archeology; History of the Organization of Industrial Enterprises