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From the Director

Carol A. MacLennan

Carol A. MacLennan

PhD, Anthropology


Academic Office Building 209A

Welcome to the Anthropocene—the proposed name for a new epoch in which humans actions matter at a global scale. What role can you play in helping humans learn to interact with earth systems in a way that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially just?  Significant movement in this direction will require the skills and insights of many people working together to set and achieve goals, including scientists, engineers, regulators, policy analysts, legislators, citizens, business interests, and nonprofit organizations.

Both the MS and PhD programs in Environmental and Energy Policy prepare you to participate in the effort to create, implement, and assess the policies that govern societal interactions with the rest of nature and which shape the direction in which socio-technological systems evolve. Students in these programs learn how the existing system of environmental governance has come to be the way it is and examine processes by which existing policies and strategies are altered to meet new environmental and energy-related challenges.

I hope you explore the two programs further. Keep in mind that many of our students, both at the MS and PhD level, have been supported by graduate teaching and research assistantships. The first step in being considered for admission (and, potentially, an assistantship) is submitting an application. I look forward to seeing yours.