Industrial Archaeology

The Department of Social Sciences offers two related graduate degrees: 

Both degrees investigate the remains of industry in the modern world and work to train students for work investigating, conserving, and  interpreting those sites, and helping understand the role of industry within our collective heritage.

Guidelines for Graduate Program Applications •

From the Director

Carol A. MacLennan

Carol A. MacLennan

PhD, Anthropology

Academic Office Building 209A

Thank you for considering our MS and PhD programs in Industrial Heritage Archaeology. Industrial archaeology is a diverse, multidisciplinary field practiced around the world. Industrial archaeologists record, interpret, and preserve industrial and engineering-related artifacts, sites, systems, and landscapes in their cultural and historical contexts. Heritage specialists consider the broader social, economic, and environmental legacies of industrial society. Michigan Tech students have studied sites and communities worldwide, including 17th-century iron forges, 19th-century coal and copper mines,

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