Core Facilities Application Process

Certain University facilities are eligible to apply for funds to cover costs associated with research facilities, like replacing broken equipment. The Vice President for Research is responsible for overall policies, procedures, authorization, renewals, and reviews of Core Facilities.

What Constitutes a Core Facility?

The Shared Research Equipment and Core Facilities Working Group report defines a core facility as: a collection of equipment identified by the University as essential to high priority research activities, usually interdisciplinary activities, that span multiple departments, schools, centers, and institutes. These typically require dedicated skilled technical staff and may be located in contiguous space or be spread among several different physical locations.

Application Process

Authorization and recognition as a core facility is required in order to access core facility support. Initial authorization is for a five-year period and may be renewed for succeeding five-year periods.

The details of reporting will differ with different types of facilities and equipment, but the three major requirements for authorization as a core facility are:

  • development and online posting of facility policies and procedures describing facility leadership and staffing, means of access and contact information, safety requirements, cleanliness expectations, and other items relevant to all users of a particular facility;
  • posting of available equipment on TechFinder; and
  • an initial safety inspection report, including a review of physical facilities and equipment as well as safety requirements in the facility policies and procedures (conducted by the Office of Compliance, Integrity, and Safety (OCIS)).

Proposal Requirements

Proposals for authorization as a core facility will be due on March 3rd. Please submit electronically to Dave Reed.

Proposals should follow the following outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Link to facility policies and procedures
    • Facility leadership and staffing
    • Facility description
    • Means of access and contact information
    • Safety requirements
    • Cleanliness expectation
    • Other unique items
  3. List of available equipment posted on TechFinder
  4. Link to Safety Inspection Report
  5. Other Relevant Information

If submitting a health-oriented Core Facilities proposal, please review the Portage Health Foundation Research Awards for more information.

Annual Requirements and Reauthorization

An annual report updating facility staffing, policies, and procedures; updating of the facility equipment listed on TechFinder; and an annual safety inspection by OCIS are required for continued authorization.

At the end of the five-year authorization period, a major review consisting of an assessment of a fifth-year annual update report, a description of facility use over the previous five years, and a description of facility financial position will be required for a five-year reauthorization. Use fees will continue to be reviewed as they are now.