Iosif Pinelis

Exterior of Fisher Building


Professor, Mathematical Sciences

  • PhD, Probability and Statisitics, Institute of Mathematics

Areas of Expertise

  • Probability, including exact inequalities and limit theorems
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Optimization
  • Evolutionary modeling
  • Operations research


  • Probability (Extremal problems, exact inequalities, and limit theorems for sums of independent random variables and martingales, including those in functional spaces)
  • Statistics (minimax estimation, Student's and Hotelling's tests and their generalizations)
  • Optimization and Operations Research (minimax duality in general, duality in transportation problems and in probability and statistics)
  • Analytic inequalities (l'Hospital-type rules for monotonicity, general multilinear Stolarsky-type inequalities, etc.)
  • Geometry (geometry in the theory of relativity, incidence geometry and geometric algebra, convex geometry, computational geometry, hyperbolic geometry)
  • Combinatorics (0-1 matrices, generalizations of Hall's theorem, discrete mass transportation duality)
  • Physics (theory of relativity under minimal assumptions)
  • Biology (evolution modeling, population dynamics)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Eiffel Tower shape modeling)