Isle Royale Institute

About the Isle Royale Institute

The Isle Royale Institute is a partnership between Michigan Technological University and Isle Royale National Park.  The Institute is a component of the Ecosystem Science Center within the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences (SFRES).  The administrative office is Room 132 in the U.J. Noblet Forestry Building.


The mission of the Isle Royale Institute is to foster science and education at Isle Royale and on the waters of Lake Superior.


The Isle Royale Institute accomplishes this mission by direct assistance to Isle Royale National Park through its five-year cooperative agreement with the National Park Service; by designing, funding and offering long-term programs and short-term projects that expand opportunities for scientific research and life-long learning; and by fostering collaboration among universities, government agencies, and private sector to enhance scientific research and education of value to Isle Royale National Park and other stakeholders in Lake Superior.