Victor Busov


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Victor Busov

Professor, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

  • PhD, Department of Genetics, North Carolina State University
  • MS, Department of Forestry, Southern Illinois University
  • BS, Bulgarian Higher Forestry Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
"I consider myself extremely fortunate to live in a time when genome revolution in many areas of biology is enabling unprecedented depth into our understanding of life."

Knowledge for the trees of tomorrow

In my laboratory we use methods of molecular genetics and genomics to understand how trees grow, develop and interact with their environment. Trees dominate terrestrial ecosystems and provide valuable resource and environmental services. The information and knowledge from our studies is helping grow, manage, and preserve healthy forest ecosystem in United States and around the world.

Recent Publications

  • Yordanov YS, Ma C, Strauss SH, Busov VB (2014) EARLY BUD-BREAK 1 (EBB1) is a regulator of release from seasonal dormancy in poplar trees. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111: 10001-10006 Read More
  • Zawaski, Christine and Victor B. Busov. (2014) Roles of gibberellin catabolism and signaling in growth and physiological response to drought and short-day photoperiods in Populus trees. PLOS ONE, 9 (1), e86217 Read More
  • Wei, Hairong, Yordan Yordanov, Tatyana Georgieva, Xiang Li, and Victor Busov (2013) Nitrogen deprivation promotes Populus root growth through global transriptome reprogramming and activation of hierarchical genetic networks. New Phytol 200:483-497 Read More
  • Elias, Ani A., Victor B. Busov, Kevin R. Kosola, Cathleen Ma, Elizabeth Etherington, Olga Shevchenko, Harish Gandhi, David W. Pearce, Stewart B. Rood, and Steven H. Strauss. (2012) Green revolution trees: Semi-dwarfism transgenes modify gibberellins, promote root growth, enhance morphological diversity, and reduce competitiveness in Populus. Plant Physiol 160: 1130-1144 Read More
  • Yordanov Yordan, Sharon Regan and Victor Busov (2010) Members of the LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES DOMAIN (LBD) Transcription Factors Family are Involved in Regulation of Secondary Growth in Populus. The Plant Cell. 22: 3662-3677 Read More
  • Gou, J., Strauss, S.H., Tsai, C.J., Fang, K., Chen, Y., Jiang, X., and Busov, V.B. (2010) Gibberellins Regulate Lateral Root Formation in Populus through Interactions with Auxin and Other Hormones. Plant Cell 22:623-639. Read More
  • Busov VB, Brunner AM, Strauss SH. 2008. Genes for control of plant stature and form. New Phytologist 177: 589-607.