Northern Research Station Partners

Hannah Abbotts portrait

Hannah Abbotts

Content Manager

Patricia Butler portrait

Patricia Butler

Research Scientist I

Areas of Expertise

  • ecosystem response to climate change
  • climate change adaptation and management strategies
  • outreach and technical transfer of climate change tools and resources
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Ryan Heiderman

Research Technician

(906) 487-2454
Evan S. Kane faculty portrait
"If trees could run away from their place of establishment, believe me many of them probably would!"

Evan S. Kane

Associate Professor, SFRES

Forest Service Building 123

Areas of Expertise

  • Soil carbon
  • Plant/soil relationships
  • Decomposition
  • Dissolved organic carbon
  • Wildfire
  • Black carbon
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James Klapperich

Research Associate

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Shawn Klomparens

Web Developer for the Forest Service NRS

Erik Lilleskov portrait
"Change is the norm in ecosystems. What is new is the rate of change. How we respond to this change will be our legacy to future generations."

Erik Lilleskov

Adjunct Professor, SFRES

Areas of Expertise

  • Forest ecology
  • Ecosystems ecology
  • Physiological ecology
  • Community ecology
  • Fungal ecology
  • Mycorrhizal fungi
  • Molecular ecology
  • Soil ecology
  • Global environmental change impacts on forest ecosystems
  • Invasive species impacts
  • Biogeography of invasive soil organisms
Kailey Marcinkowski portrait

Kailey Marcinkowski

Research Scientist

906-482-6303 ext. 16
Forest Service Building


  • High-elevation forest ecosystems
  • Dendrochronology
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation
  • Science outreach and communication
Kristin Schmitt portrait

Kristin Schmitt

Research Scientist I

Areas of Expertise

  • Ecosystem response to climate change
  • Web-based outreach on climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Science synthesis and communication
danielle shannon staff portrait

Danielle Shannon

Climate Change Specialist

Research Scientist II

906-482-6303 ext 25
Forest Service Building 133

Christopher W. Swanston

Research Ecologist, SFRES

Adjunct Professor, SFRES

Director, Northern Institute of Applied of Applied Climate Science

Areas of Expertise

  • Soil organic carbon stabilization and cycling
  • Radiocarbon analysis and interpretation
  • Forest response and adaptation to climate change
  • Landscape scale conservation