Students working on a project in the woods

$1,000 "Earn and Learn" Assistantship

Who qualifies for the "Earn and Learn" assistantship award?

All incoming first-year and transfer students enrolled in the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science receive the $1,000 assistantship award.

Why should I sign up for the assistantship award?

The assistantship award provides you with the opportunity to work and “earn and learn” in various areas of research within the School. Through the assistantship position, you will develop growing relationships with other students, faculty, and research scientists. Additionally, you will gain work experience that you can include on your resume and applications when applying for summer and post-graduation employment!

If I say yes, and then decide on another school, am I obligated to Michigan Tech in any way?

No, not at all. Your signed and returned assistantship award letter is just a way for us to estimate the number of students who may seek employment during the next academic year.

If I say yes, and find I do not have time to work once I get to Michigan Tech, will I be obligated in any way?

Again, no. Accepting a student assistantship position in the School does not obligate you in any way. Some students find they do not have time to work once classes begin, at least not in their first semester. Some choose to work during the spring semester. It's up to you to decide on when you will work and whether you will work.