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Engineering/Math Placement

Michigan Tech has a common first-year engineering program. Within this program, every engineering student takes the same foundational courses: math, engineering, chemistry, physics, composition, and global issues. A student’s mathematics placement. is determined by the Department of Mathematics.

Based on math placement, there are two course pathways through first-year engineering, as shown in Figure 1 (see below). Students who are calculus-ready (i.e., they are placed upon enrollment into Calculus I–MA1160 or MA1161–or higher) have a two-semester sequence consisting of ENG1101–Engineering Analysis and Problem Solving, and ENG1102–Engineering Modeling and Design. Students who are not calculus ready upon enrollment (i.e., they are placed upon enrollment into MA1032–PreCalculus) have a three-semester sequence consisting of ENG1001–Engineering Problem Solving, ENG1100–Engineering Analysis, and ENG1102–Engineering Modeling and Design. Students placed into MA1030 will start the two semester sequence when they begin Calculus I (MA1160).


FIGURE 1:  The two course paths through Michigan Tech's first-year engineering program



If you start in Calculus I or Calculus I+, a sample schedule of your first two semesters may look like this:

Fall 15-17 creditsSpring 15-18 credits
Calculus w/Technology I/I+ MA1160/1*Calculus w/Technology II MA2160
Engineering Analysis & Problem Solving ENG1101*Engineering Modeling & Design ENG1102
Physics Lab PH1100*Physics I PH2100
Chemistry I CH1150/1Major Specific Elective
Composition UN1015Global Issues UN1025

*Learning community scheduled

Note: Students with AP or transfer credits for math will be placed into the next appropriate math course.

If you start in Pre-calculus a sample schedule of your first three semesters may look like this:

Fall 1 15-17 creditsSpring 1 15-18 creditsFall 2 14-17 credits
PreCalculus MA1032*Calculus w/Technology I MA1161Calculus w/Technology II MA2160
Engineering Problem Solving ENG1001*Engineering Analysis ENG1100Engineering Modeling & Design ENG1102
Prep Chem CH1000 or Chemistry I CH1150/1Physics Lab PH1100Physics I PH2100
Composition UN1015Global Issues UN1025Major Specific Elective
Optional: General Education/HASSChemistry I CH1150/1 if not taken in Fall 1 or General Education/HASSGeneral Education
*Learning community scheduled