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Engineering Fundamentals Students

First-Year Engineering Program Fund

The Department of Engineering Fundamentals, through the First Year Engineering Program, offers each undergraduate engineering student innovative fundamental courses, academic advising, and an exploration into engineering. Hallmarks include technology-rich, discovery-based learning as well as a teaching/learning environment in which diversity is valued in its broadest sense. Making a gift to our First-Year Engineering Program Fund will support development and deployment of new, promising approaches to instruction in the first year. With the resources made possible by gifts to this fund we will continue—and accelerate—improvements in teaching methodology that incorporate both cutting edge pedagogy and state-of-the-art instructional technology, which combine to actively fire the imaginations of our incoming students.

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Faculty and students in front of a large piece of machinery

BSE Degree Program Fund

The BSE degree starts with a strong technical foundation, just as all other undergraduate programs in the College of Engineering. On top of standard engineering foundations of mathematics, basic physical sciences, and a cross section of low-to-mid level courses in traditional engineering disciplines, BSE enables students to select a path that is suitable for them and their aspirational goals. BSE students can customize a BSE degree to fit their career goals, or they can select from several defined BSE paths in emerging fields, currently including industrial engineering (manufacturing process optimization); geospatial engineering (Earth observation technologies), or mining engineering (design, planning, and supervision). Making a gift to our BSE Degree Program Fund is making a gift of support to highly qualified BSE students in the form of scholarships. Based on both academic credentials and financial need, these scholarships can be the lifeline that can make the difference between leaving Tech, and graduating as a proud Husky engineer.

Progress total may take up to 24 hours to update.