Questions Frequently Asked by Students


What exams can I take in the Michigan Tech Testing Center?

We are currently proctoring accommodated exams,on-line exams, and several sponsored exams. Refer to this page for more information on these commercial exams.


What does it cost to take an exam through the Testing Center?

No proctoring fee is charged for the the administration of accommodated, over flow computerized, or make-up Michigan Tech exams utilizing the Testing Center.

Current Michigan Tech students and employees who would like to use the Testing Center for certifications* or non-Michigan Tech courses will be charged a $10 per exam fee. All others who need to take a proctored exam will be charged a $25 per exam fee. These fees are in addition to whatever fees the tester may have already paid to register for the course or exam. The fee must be paid through the Techshop page, by visiting the Michigan Tech Testing Center tab. Once the fee is paid, you will be contacted to schedule a time for your exam.

*Many sponsored exams have their own fee schedule. If the sponsored exam has their own fee schedule, the above proctoring fee does not apply.


How do I register for a computer-based or Internet-based exam?

For sponsored exams like the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, you must register and pay the registration fee through the sponsoring organization’s website. The Testing Center cannot accept registration payments for any exams. The instructor must make the request to the Testing Center by completing the online form for Michigan Tech accommodated exams.


How far in advance do I need to schedule a commercial exam?

This depends on the time of the year. Certain exams are only allowed to be offered on specific dates. If you need to take a commercial exam, check with your department’s advisor or the commercial exam’s website. When the test dates are released, register early for the best choice of dates and times.


How much preparation should I do for my commercial exam?

This is your personal decision. Some people prepare for a year, while others do no preparation. Some companies offer exam review books. Check with the individual commercial organization for these materials.


Where is the best place to park while I am taking my exam?

The Testing Center is located on the second floor of the J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library, Room 226. There are parking meters available directly outside the Library or in the visitor’s lot on the west end of the Michigan Tech campus. For parking fees, please refer to the parking details page.


What do I need to bring to the Testing Center?

You need to bring a government issued picture ID for a sponsored exam or your Michigan Tech ID for a Michigan Tech course exam, along with other allowed materials which may include books, calculator or index cards. The Testing Center will supply you with pencils and scratch paper to use during your exam.


How do I know what ID is required for the exam I am taking?

You can check ID requirements on the website where you registered for the exam. If this is for a Michigan Tech accommodated or make-up exam, your Michigan Tech ID will be sufficient.


Is an expired driver's license or expired passport acceptable ID for testing?

No. Your driver's license or passport must be current and valid.


Does the name on my ID have to match the name I used on my test registration?

Yes. The name on your ID must be the same as the name on your registration.


Is there a safe place to put my belongings during my exam?

Yes. The Testing Center has individual lockable storage for your belongings. You may keep your locker key with you during your exam. Hooks are provided in each testing space for the key. 


Are food and drinks allowed in the Testing Center?

Food and drinks are NOT allowed during testing. However, during breaks you may have access to any food you wish to keep in your locker.


Will I have a break during my exam?

Exams longer than one hour may offer a break. For most exams, the break is optional. During the break you can use the restroom, eat a snack, or get a drink of water.