Psychology Overview

Study Human Behavior and Cognition, and Improve Society

The Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a psychology minor. Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and cognitive processes, seeking to understand the human condition and explain behavior using scientific methods. The fundamental goal of the discipline is to improve the well-being of individuals and our overall society.

The benefits of a psychology education are numerous:

  • An appreciation for the variety of influences on human behavior
  • An understanding of psychological research and the applications of psychology
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills, including cross-cultural understanding
  • Increased critical-thinking skills
  • Insight into human reasoning and decision making

Our psychology bachelor’s degree offers a great deal of flexibility, both in terms of course work and career options. The degree program was designed according to the suggested guidelines for undergraduate curriculum established by the American Psychological Association. All interested psychology majors have the opportunity to participate in an internship experience. Our students have earned course credit while interning with local nonprofit organizations and schools, including

  • Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter for Domestic Abuse
  • Copper Country Intermediate School District (Calumet High School and Hancock Middle School)
  • Dial Help
  • Keweenaw Community Foundation
  • Michigan Tech Counseling Services

Because virtually every profession relies on effective social interaction, a psychology minor is advantageous for any student, regardless of major; however, students focusing on engineering, business, computer science, and pre-medicine may find the minor curriculum to be particularly relevant.

Advance Your Education

Approximately 40 percent of our undergraduate students go on to graduate school. The acceptance rate for Michigan Tech psychology majors who apply to graduate school—approximately 90 percent—exceeds the national average. Our senior seminar, PSY4500, assists students with the application process for graduate school. The department offers MS and PhD degrees in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors, a research-intensive graduate program focusing on optimizing performance, health, and safety at the interface of humans and technology.

More About the Psychology Program

  • We believe that each and every student deserves personalized attention. You’ll benefit from close interaction with faculty.
  • Gain an extra technological edge on your education. Experience cutting-edge technology, such as eye trackers, virtual-reality interfaces, and neurophysiological recording equipment.
  • Examine human behavior and mental functions through undergraduate research opportunities. All psychology majors gain hands-on research experience as part of required or elected course work, and approximately one-third of our students work as undergraduate research assistants in faculty labs. Many of our students have been awarded a fellowship through SURF, Tech’s summer undergraduate research program.
  • Networking and professional development opportunities are available to undergraduates. You might choose to publish your research or present your work at a psychology conference. Our students have coauthored work appearing in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, Brain and Cognition, and the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.