The Department of Chemistry encourages students to be actively involved in their coursework and degree planning.  Our academic advisor, Lois Blau, is happy to assist you with any questions, to go over your plans as a check or to assist with the registration process as needed.  You are invited to meet with her at any time to go over your coursework and academic plans.  An equally important aspect of career planning is to tap into our finest resource - the faculty in the Department of Chemistry!  Each and every faculty member is interested in providing guidance for undergraduate students based on vast experience and a wide network of connections.  If you have questions about your career goals and how best to obtain them, undergraduate research and/or other aspects of becoming a chemist, you are invited and encouraged to set up an appointment to meet with a faculty member.

Our goal is for you to have support in planning your degree and guidance in planning your future professional life.

If you are contemplating a career in chemistry, make an appointment today and see for yourself why students have chosen to join our program. 

Academic Advisor

Lois A. Blau

Lois A. Blau

Director, Chemistry Learning Center

Coordinator, Academic Advising

Academic Advisor (for undergraduate majors, double/dual majors, minors & transfer students)

Chem Sci 206A