Department of Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular Engineering

Cardiovascular Engineering

The department’s cardiovascular engineering research focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Areas of active research include the engineering of completely biological cardiovascular tissues for regenerative-medicine applications, the treatment and study of lymphatic disorders, and the study of calcification within the cardiovascular system.

The biology and physiology of the lymphatic and blood vascular systems including vascular regeneration, remodeling and pathology; Vascular biomaterials, including polymeric, natural, and metallic, for vascular repair and regeneration
Biomechanics; Automated control of ultrasound scanning including the use of 3D printing technology; Image and signal processing; Non-invasive assessment of biomechanical properties of soft tissues; Computer aided analyses of cardiovascular flow
Biomedical optics; Lasers and other light sources for biology and medicine; Non-contact measurement of tissue mechanics and fluid flows; Coherent imaging
Physical and chemical mechanisms guiding biomineralization in vascular and bone-related cell types and tissues; Biomimetic materials; Cell and tissue mechanics; The host response to implantable materials; Composite materials for hard and soft tissue engineering
Stem cell therapies; Naturally derived biomaterials; Cell sheet engineering; 3D scaffold-free tissue fabrication; Cardiovascular tissue regeneration; Neural Tissue Engineering