Focus Areas

Atmospheric Science
Cantrell Research
Atmospheric Physics
Kostinski Research
Environmental Optics Laboratory
Understanding the identities, occurrence, and transformation of aerosol organic compounds; Identifying organic aerosol constituents from a variety of atmospheric environments; Exploration of new LC column chemistries with ultrahigh pressure pumps for fast and thorough separations ; Aqueous reaction pathways
Mazzoleni Research
Air and Water Quality; Atmosphere-biosphere Exchange of Chemicals; Micrometeorology; Environmental Analytical Chemistry; Sustainability
Perlinger Research
Rose Research 
Atmospheric Physics; Cloud Physics; Nucleation; Turbulence; Digital Holography
Cloud Physics Laboratory 
Wu Research 
Hydrodynamic modeling; Coupled physical-biological modeling; Dynamics of coupled ocean-atmosphere models; Ocean data assimilation; Estuary and coastal ocean circulation; Bio-physical processes in the Great Lakes
Xue's Numerical Modeling Lab

Participating Units

Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
College of Engineering
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