Tips for Getting Started Using Michigan Tech's Lactation Spaces

  • Talk with your supervisor to request and arrange for appropriate and reasonable break times for lactation purposes. It may help to discuss plans with your supervisor for expressing breast milk before starting maternity leave.
  • Download the Returning to Work checklist so you will be prepared.
  • Check the list of lactation spaces to obtain information regarding availability and locations of designated spaces for pumping on campus or arrange with supervisor to find a private place to pump within the employee’s building.  See the Guidelines for Lactation Space Use and be sure to fill out the Lactation Spaces Registration Form.
  • Break times for lactation purposes should run concurrently with rest periods already provided. If more than 15 minutes is needed (rest periods are 15 minutes by definition), the employee may choose to take any additional time without pay, use vacation and/or comp time, or adjust their schedule to cover the time missed in consultation with the employee’s supervisor.
  • Break times for lactation purposes only cover on-campus facilities. This does not cover an employee going home to nurse an infant.
  • Nursing mothers will provide their own cold storage for expressed milk. No refrigerators will be provided by the University.
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