Student Billing Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay my bill?


What is charged to my tuition account?

Tuition, course fees, student voted fees, on campus housing charges, other miscellaneous fines, and fees such as late fees, housing damage fines, etc. See Understand Your Bill for more information.


When will my bill be available?

See Pay Your Bill and Due Dates.


When is my payment due?

See Pay Your Bill and Due Dates.


Can I get a bill mailed to my parent(s), guardian(s), and/or spouse?

No, but you can send it via email or print the online bill and mail it. You can also set up guest access to allow someone to access your online bill.


What if financial aid is missing from my bill?

Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 906-487-2622 or finaid@mtu.edu.


What if my graduate student support is missing from my bill?

Contact your department.


What payment plans are available?

See Payment Plans for information.


What if I do not owe any money?

You still must confirm your enrollment online by clicking on the link at the bottom of your bill.


What happens if I incur additional charges?

A second notice will be sent via email or you can access your bill online and pay anytime.


When will I get my refund?

If you have a credit balance as a result of a Federal Direct Loan, a refund will be produced the first week of the semester or the day after disbursement. All other refunds will be issued during the third week of the semester.


May I charge my books to my tuition account?


What if I have a question that is not listed here?

You can send an email to Student Billing.