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2014 Award Recipients


Student NameMajor/DepartmentAdvisor/MentorProject Title
Andrew BaldwinBiomedical EngineeringTejin YoonCan Upper Limb Exercise with Simple Free Weight Train Back Muscles?
Luke DoskeyChemistry / Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyTarun DamA New Purification Method to Isolate a Cancer Detecting Protein
Vincent Druschke (HI)Computer Engineering / Computer ScienceLeo Ureel II and Charles WallaceDeveloping Simple Integrated Development Environments for Teaching Basic Computer Science Curricula and Concepts
Joel DuncanMechanical Engineering-Engineering MechanicsJeremy WormThe Benefits of Lean-Burn Combustion on Mechanical Component Cooling and Emission Levels in an IC Engine
Shannon EnnisChemical EngineeringS. Komar KawatrapH Neutral Iron Ore Processing: A Breakthrough in Environmentally Friendly Mineral Processing
Kristin Flickinger (HI)Biomedical EngineeringJingfeng JiangInvestigation of Non-Linear Elastic Parameters of Collagen Hydrogels: A Feasibility study for Noninvasive Breast Cancer Differentiation
Peter GardnerChemical EngineeringCaryn HeldtInfectivity of Hepatitis A Virus and Porcine Parvovirus in the Presence of Cochlospermum Planchonii Extracts
Sarah HarttungApplied Ecology and Environmental SciencesAndrew Burton and Oliver GailingDo Genetic Differences in Drought Tolerance & Phenology Contribute to Species Divergence in Oaks?
Robert InnisApplied PhysicsYoke Khin YapCVD growth of Molybdenum DiSulfide
Jessica KarwoskMedical Laboratory SciencesRupali DattaPentachlorophenol contamination in an abandoned lumber yard in Upper Peninsula, MI
Mark KeranenBiomedical EngineeringThomas WernerHow Toolkit Genes and their Molecular Pathways Control the Development of Pigmentation Patterns in Animals
Paul KirbyAudio ProductionChristopher PlummerCapturing the Soundscapes of Point Abbaye
Leslie LaLondeBiomedical EngineeringJeremy GoldmanImproving and Controlling Biodegradation of Zinc-based Stent Materials Through the Formation of Surface Oxide Layers
Adam LaxoPhysicsRaymond ShawAn Investigation of Aerosols as Catalysts for Contact Nucleation
Joshua ManelaComputer Engineering / Electrical EngineeringTimothy HavensInvestigating cloud-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for a UAV system by implementing an orientation estimation algorithm and communicating the data with the cloud
Zachary MorganMaterials Science and Engineering / Mechanical EngineeringYongmei JinOptimizing damping capabilities of metal matrix composites with ferroelectric barium titanate inclusions through modeling and computer simulation
Meridith MurleyBiomedical Engineering / Mechanical EngineeringBruce LeeEffects of Cyclodextrin Molecules on the Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels
Jade OrtizBiological SciencesAmy M. MarcarelliImpacts of Myriophyllum spicatum and phosphorus loading on phytoplankton community dynamics in the Portage Waterway
Nina PacellaBiomedical EngineeringKeat G. OngMagnetoelastic Resonance Sensor for Monitoring Forces Applied to Cardiac Leads
Alex ReichanadterChemical EngineeringJulie KingMechanical Properties of Continuous Carbon Fiber/Graphene Nanoplatelet/Epoxy Composites
David RosenExercise Science / Biomedical EngineeringJingfeng JiangEffects of collagenase treatment on the ultrasound measured passive elastic response of ex vivo muscle
Anna Waller (HI)Biomedical EngineeringJeremy GoldmanThe Use of Drug-releasing Biodegradable Microparticles to Increase Lymphatic Regeneration in Wound Sites
Faryn YovichPsychologyShane MuellerRelationship between Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Creativity in Children
Eponine ZenkerChemistryAshutosh TiwariThe Role of Disulfide Bonds in Protein Stability and Aggregation

*HI = Honor's Institute

2013 Award Recipients


Student NameMajor/DepartmentAdvisor/MentorProposal
Joseph CharnawskasPhysicsRaymond ShawThe Effects of the Gravitational Force on Water Particles in a Turbulent Flow
Erin CollinsApplied Ecology and Environmental SciencesAmy SchrankImpacts of moose foraging on phosphorus availability to Utricularia vulgaris
Natasha FetzerWildlife Ecology and ManagementAmber RothGolden-winged Warbler Response to Alder Management
Anna BuckardtApplied Ecology and Environmental SciencesDavid FlaspohlerThe Effect of Rats on the Foraging Location of Birds in Hawaiian Forest Fragmented by Lava Flows
Audra WinterPharmaceutical ChemistryBruce LeeDevelopment of PEG-based Hydrogel Functionalized with SNAP or Release NO as a Novel Antibacterial Material
Christa MeingastEnvironmental EngineeringEric SeagrenEffects of Biosolids Moisture Content on Indicator Organism Reduction via Freezing and Thawing
Danielle AhrensBiomedical EngineeringMegan FrostCharacterizing the effects of protein deposition on SNAP-PDMS polymer
Eliot NaglerChemical EngineeringAdrienne MinerickParticle-Particle Chain Formation in Dielectrophoretic Microsystems with Red Blood Cells and Polystyrene Microbeads
Emily CollinsApplied Ecology and Environmental ScienceOliver GailingDoes selection against hybrids maintain species identity in interfertile oak species with different adaptations to drought
John TrochtaEnvironmental EngineeringColleen MouwRemote Sensing Approach in Observing Environmental Interannual Variability in Lake Superior
Katrina SwansonChemical EngineeringS. Komar KawatraBiomass as a Renewable Alternative to Coal Fuel Sources in Iron Oxide Reduction
Madeline TopitzesBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMi Hye SongRNA-Binding Roles in the Assembly of Microtubule Organizing Center
Marie Rene MetsExercise ScienceJohn J. DurocherThe Influence of Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness on Cross-Country Mountain Biking Performance
Matthew TianenMaterials Science and EngineeringJaroslaw DrelichDevelopment of Zn-based Alloys for Bioabsorbable Stents
Melissa DePraMechanical EngineeringJeff Naber & Jaclyn JohnsonDevelopment of a green diesel-biodiesel blend to achieve lower nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions than B20
Michael Johnson IIIMathematicsRebecca SchmitzThe Perceptions and Productivity of Calculus Students Taught Through Jigsaw Methodology
Mick SmallPhysicsYoke Khin YapPhotovoltaic Responses of Quantum Dot Sensitized ZnO Nanowires
Nicole Westphal (HI)Biomedical EngineeringRupak RajacharInjectable PEG-fibrinogen hydrogel cell delivery system for tendon repair
Samantha WrightBiomedical EngineeringKeat Ghee OngFeGa Biodegradable Coronary Stent
Warren ClohisyForestryRobert FroeseChanges in Nitrous Oxide Gas Emissions under Alternative Establishment Regimes in Hybrid Poplar (Populus spp.) Biomass Plantations
Angela Small (HI)PhysicsJacek BorysowAnalysis of Artificial Breath Samples Using Raman Spectroscopy for Medical Diagnosis
Avery Bailey (HI)Biomedical EngineeringFeng ZhaoEngineering Neural Tissue Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Natural Protein Scaffold
Brian Page (HI)Mechanical EngineeringNina MahmoudianControl Development for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Swarm
Kevin Rocheleau (HI)PhysicsPetra HuentemeyerAnalysis and Modeling of Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission from the Cygnus Region using FERMI and HAWC Data
Kimberly Stanke (HI)Computational and Applied MathematicsZhengfu XuDe-noising MR Velocity Measurements in Cerebral Aneurysms: a scientific computing approach
Adam CaryBiological SciencesJennifer BeckerEffect of Growth Conditions on Ice Nucleation Activity of Pseudomonas syringae
*HI = Honor's Institute

2012 Award Recipients


Student NameMajor/DepartmentAdvisor/MentorProposal
Jacob BjornBiomedical EngineeringMegan FrostDeveloping a nitric oxide releasing polymer system for in vivo testing of retinal epithelial cell degeneration
Michael BobianBiological SciencesMi Hye SongCentrosome assembly is regulated by proteasomal degradation
Michael BostwickBiomedical EngineeringBruce LeeDetermining the effects of biomimetic, physical cross-links on the mechanical properties of hydrogels
Margaret BrunetteBiomedical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering, *HIRupak RajacharMechanical vibrations and their effect on cell expression of myofibroblastic phenotype behavior
Daniel CerminaroCivil EngineeringThomas OommenObject-based earthquake-induced damage assessment using remote sensing
Megan DalbecEnvironmental EngineeringLynn MazzoleniSecondary formation of organosulfate compounds during α-pinene ozonolysis
Zachary JohnsonBiological Sciences, *HIThomas WernerThe role of proto-oncogenes in the evolution of animal color patterns, using drosophilia guttifera as a model
Taylor KauralaExercise ScienceJason CarterGluten-free diet and autonomic activity in humans
Michael LancinaBiomedical Engineering, *HIRupak RajacharPrimary amine derivatized natural polymer electrospun fivers for the controlled release of nitric oxide
Emily MakoutzPhysicsYoke Khin YapQuantum dot sensitized photovoltaic devices with novel core-shell nanowires
Lauren MancewiczEnvironmental EngineeringJohn GierkeAchievability of groundwater remediation of fruit processing waste contamination using air sparging technology
Lauren ManninenForestryCatherine Tarasoff and Evan KaneA comparison of the carbon sequestration potential of C3 vs C4 grasses in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Christa MeingastEnvironmental EngineeringEric Seagren and Jennifer BeckerDevelopment of a sustainable process for class A biosolids production in a small northern community
Jarrod NelsonForestryThomas PypkerA comparison of stemflow precipitation volume and nutrient content between red maple (acer rubrum) and black ash (fraxinus nigra)
Felicia NipBiochemistry/Molecular Biology, *HIThomas WernerThe evolution of a α-amanitin resistance in drosophila
Justina SilvaApplied Ecology and Environmental ScienceWrik LilleskovEnzyme activity in changing peatland plant communities and their effect on carbon cycling
Stephen StassenPhysicsClaudio MazzoleniResearch on atmospheric North American aerosols: using an integrated photoacoustic/nephelometer spectrometer and the Pico mountain observatory
Caleb VogtBiomedical Engineering, *HIFeng ZhaoOptimization of nitric oxide releasing dose for human mesenchymal stem cell growth in a biodegradable nanofibrous scaffold
Eric WilkeningMEchanical Engineering/Biomedical EngineeringNina MahmoudianDevelopment of a cost competitive underwater glider for the advancement of marine research
Bo YuComputer ScienceAli EbnenasirTowards designing a fault-tolerant scheduler for the OkL4 microkernel
*HI = Honor's Institute

2011 Award Recipients 

Student NameMajor/DepartmentAdvisor/MentorProposal

Michael Adler


Peter Moran, ME-EM

:"Iodine Doping and Carrier Concentration Analysis in N-Type PbTe Semiconductors"

Jonathan Anderson

Chemical Engineering

Julia King, Chemical Engineering

"Tensile Modulus Modeling of Carbonanotube/Polycarbonate and Carbon Black/Polycarbonate Composites"

Hasti Asayesh Ardakani


Reza Shahbazian-Yassar, BRC

"Self-powered Piezoelectric Nanostructures"

Elizabeth Cloos

Electrical Engineering

Christopher Middlebrook, Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Determination of the Acousto-Optic Effect in Polymer Waveguide Materials"

Ryan Connolly


Robert Nemiroff, Physics

"Applying the Pulse Start Conjecture to High-Energy Gamma-Ray Bursts in Order to Constrain Lorentz Invariance Violation"

Corson Cramer


Lyon King, ME-EM

"Potential Analyzer Diagnostic for Hall-Effect Plasma Thruster Plumes"

Richard Gridley

Biomedical Engineering

Seth Donahue, BRC

"A Novel Treatment for Fracture Healing in Rats"

Jordan Hagen


Claudio Mazzoleni, Physics

"Using Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectometry to Characterize Aerosol Optical Properties"

Matt Helgen

Computer Science

Nilufer Onder, Computer Science

"A Computer Simulated Approach for Modeling Evolution of Biochemical Systems"

Andrew Kennedy


Loredana Valenzano, Physics

"A Multi-Scale Computational Study of Metal-Organic Frameworks in Interaction with Water"

Lindsey Kenyon


Greg Waite, GMES

"Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala: A Study of Seismic Activity and Correlation with Gas Emissions"

Michelle King

Exercise Science

Jason Carter, Exercise Science/BRC

"Sleep Deprivation and Neurovascular Control in Humans"

Faith Lambert


Michael Gibson, Biological Science/BRC

"The Effects of Transport Inhibition of Phenylalanine on Phenylketonuria Symptoms by Use of Dietary Supplements"

Tristan McKay

Biomedical Engineering

Megan Frost, BRC

"Physical Characterization of Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymers"

Alex Mehne


Andrew Burton, SFRES

"Performance of Non-Local Tree Species Planted in Baraga County, MI"

Sarah Mets


Mi Hye Song, Biological Sciences

"The Role of ATX-2, an RNA-Binding Protein in Centrosome Duplication"

Alexander Saari

Management Information Systems

Mari Buche, SBE

"The Cyclical Benefits of the Systems Development Life Cycle and Other Growth/Development Initiatives in the Information Systems/Information Technology Industry"

Samantha Simon


Edward Cokely, CLS

"Using Cognitive Science to Improve Financial Decision Making Applications in Consumer Credit Card Debt"

Derek VanderLaan


Yoke Khin Yap, Physics

"Quantam Dot-Sensitized ZnO Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Devices"

Lucas van der Laan

Exercise Science

Karen Roemer, BRC

"Determining How Different Cutting Maneuvers Affect the Forces Applied on the ACL"

Auriel Van Der Laar

Wildlife Ecology and Management

Joseph Bump, SFRES

"Developing Morphometrics Models to Predict the Sex of King and Virginia Rails"

Kaylee Walsh


Mark Gockenbach, Mathematical Sciences

"Analysis of New Regularization Method for Ill-Conditioned Linear Systems"

Katherine Waring


Rodney Chimner, SFRES

"Sleeper Lake Fen Restoration: Modeling Water Flow Patterns and Water Chemistry"

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