Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Biological sciences, chemistry, forestry, biomedical engineering, and chemical engineering—experts from all of these fields come together to form the platform for Michigan Technological University’s life sciences research. Life sciences span a wide area of scientific topics, from our planet’s land, water, and air to the creatures that call it home. Michigan Tech researchers study biological and chemical processes to better understand how to mitigate the spread of cancerous cells. And our new Great Lakes Research Center affords researchers countless new ways to study the freshwater surrounding Michigan Tech, whether in the lab, floating aboard one of our research vessels, or hundreds of feet below the surface via our fleet of subsurface vehicles.

Life sciences researchers at Tech have incredible regional assets. They investigate the industrial archeology of the Copper Country, documenting the impacts that the copper boom had on the area and the lasting effects of the industry. They date local artifacts to piece together a picture of life in the Keweenaw Peninsula from thousands of years ago. And they study environmental, biological, and chemical activities to make informed policy recommendations about the environment—locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Graduate Research

At Michigan Tech, graduate students work one on one with faculty to conduct research in life sciences and related areas.

Are you a prospective or current graduate student? Connect with faculty members whose research interests are related to life sciences through our faculty locator.

Undergraduate Research

Our undergraduate students receive valuable hands-on learning and research experiences through enterprise and senior design teams. Learn more about related undergraduate research:

Enterprise Teams

Students earn credit for working on real client projects across multiple disciplines. Active enterprise teams in related categories include:

Senior Design Projects

Senior Design experiences provide students with an opportunity to further develop their teamwork and communication skills through unstructured "real-world" problem-solving.


Careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are more in demand than ever. Michigan Tech offers a variety of STEM outreach programs to help spark the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers.

Mind Trekkers

The Mind Trekkers traveling road show revels the science behind the mystery! Hands-on activities allow young and old learners alike to experience STEM in new and exciting ways. Walk on water, make ice cream in 60 seconds, and shatter roses like glass. Check the schedule to see when Mind Trekkers will be in your area.

Learn more about Mind Trekkers

Summer Youth Programs

Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Programs (SYP) is not your ordinary summer camp! SYP offers more than 50 career and adventure explorations for grades 6–11. Learn new software, rappel down a cliff, fly an airplane, cast molten metal, build a robot, produce a film . . . the opportunities are endless. The weeklong explorations are a great chance to explore college life at Michigan Tech.

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Western UP Center for Math, Science, and Environmental Education

The Western UP Center (a partnership between Copper Country Intermediate School District, Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermediate School District, and Michigan Tech) offers a wide variety of award-winning student and community programs including:

  • summer institutes and courses for teachers,
  • Great Lakes education,
  • investigations aboard Michigan Tech’s Research Vessel Agassiz,
  • outdoor science field trips, and
  • family forest, science, and engineering nights.

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