Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about ActivityInsight

How does my data get used at the University?

Faculty data from ActivityInsight is used in many ways. Individual faculty can use it to maintain up-to-date CV information that you can use to easily generate ad-hoc reports like publication lists, research lists, reports for teaching loads, or even a full CV. (Remember--if there is not a custom report that fits your needs, we can always build one for you.)

Departments and Colleges use the data in ActivityInsight to generate reports about faculty accomplishments, including (but not limited to) generating data for annual reports, to meet accreditation requirements, and for personnel evaluation and merit increases. Two essential forms are generated using the data in ActivityInsight: the Faculty Activity Report (Merit) and Faculty Activity Report (Promotion and Tenure).

The University uses the data to generate reports about scholarly activities and accomplishments, which are used for various purposes, including accreditation, reports to the Board of Trustees, and State and Federal reports.

In short, we use the data that faculty keep updated to showcase faculty accomplishments in a variety of venues.