Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions on ActivityInsight

How does my data get used at the University?

Faculty data from ActivityInsight is used in many ways. Individual faculty can use it to maintain up-to-date CV information that you can use to easily generate ad-hoc reports like publication lists, research lists, reports for teaching loads, or even a full CV. (Remember--if there is not a custom report that fits your needs, we can always build one for you.)

Departments and Colleges use the data in ActivityInsight to generate reports about faculty accomplishments, including (but not limited to) generating data for annual reports, to meet accreditation requirements, and for personnel evaluation and merit increases. Two essential forms are generated using the data in ActivityInsight: the Annual Faculty Vitae Update Form and the Tenure and Promotion Form ("Form F"). 

The University uses the data to generate reports about scholarly activities and accomplishments, which are used for various purposes, including accreditation, reports to the Board of Trustees, and State and Federal reports.

In short, we use the data that faculty keep updated to showcase faculty accomplishments in a variety of venues.

Is data entry assistance available?

Yes. While faculty are responsible for ensuring all information in ActivityInsight is accurate and up-to-date, there some options available if you'd like assistance with entering your information from your CV.

First, some departments and colleges at Michigan Tech employ their own staff and students to assist with data entry--check with your department chair or dean to find out if this is something your area does.

Second, some faculty choose to hire a student themselves to enter CV information for them. If you choose to do this, be sure to get in touch with the University Administrator at so your student can be set up with an account to enter your data.

Keep in mind that you will need to review the information once it is entered for you, and confirm that everything is entered correctly and accurately.

Which data is loaded for faculty?

There are six areas (data entry screens) of information that are loaded for faculty. When you login to your ActivityInsight account, you'll see the main data entry screen. The areas where data is loaded for you include:

  • Historical (Permanent) Data | Yearly Data - Human Resources data from Banner
  • Graduate Student Advising - Graduate School data from Banner
  • Scheduled Teaching - Registrar's data from Banner
  • Sponsored Research - Sponsored Programs data from TechTracks database
  • Intellectual Property - Office of Innovation and Industry Engagement data from OIIE

Normally, the above data is loaded at the end of each semester, although some may be loaded more frequently. Faculty should check their own information periodically throughout the academic year; following larger data loads, the University Administrator for ActivityInsight will post an announcement on the blog. During the middle of spring semester, the Provost office will typically send notice to Colleges and Schools to remind everyone to make sure their data is up-to-date for the CV reporting year.

Where should narratives for Form F and the Annual Vitae Update be entered?

When you login to your ActivityInsight account, you'll see the main data entry screen. There are two sub-screens specifically for the narratives that are necessary on the Annual Vitae Update and the Tenure and Promotion Form ("Form F"):

  • Narratives for Annual Faculty Vitae Update
  • Faculty Narratives for Form F: Promotion and/or Tenure Recommendation

Your Annual Faculty Vitae Update narrative must be updated for each academic year; the deadline for updating this narrative is May 31.

There are a lot of fields in the "Publications" and "Presentations Given" screens. Which fields are required?

None of these fields is "required," per se. However, a good rule of thumb is to enter data into the fields that you would want to appear on a CV. The reason there are so many data fields is because different departments ask for different publication information. 

How do I get help with correcting my data?

You can contact the University's Administrator directly by emailing, or by submitting your questions through ActivityInsight via the "Contact Our Helpdesk" link on the left of the main ActivityInsight screen.

Are there any help documents available?

Yes, we are continuously working on building up the knowledge base for Activity Insight to help faculty and administrators with entering and maintaining data, as well as how to more effectively use Activity Insight for reporting. This list is constantly growing, and being updated, so be sure to check back often.

Current help documents include:

If you have any questions, contact