Faculty Activity Reporting

Faculty Reporting Using ActivityInsight

What is ActivityInsight?

ActivityInsight is a centralized reporting system we use at Michigan Tech that allows us to easily access data about faculty teaching, research, and service activities and to generate reports that help us showcase faculty accomplishments. The data in ActivityInsight is used in a variety of ways, including annual departmental reports, meeting accreditation requirements, and generating the Annual Vitae Update as the Tenure and Promotion Form ("Form F").

How do I get started with ActivityInsight?

Faculty are responsible for maintaining up-to-date information in ActivityInsight and for meeting University deadlines for updates. To get started, login to yourActivityInsight account using your ISO userID and password. If you don't have an ActivityInsight account, email the Digital Measures University Administrator at dm-admin@mtu.edu.

Message From the Provost

Maximilian Seel
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Like many institutions, Michigan Tech has transitioned to digital reporting methods. One of our reporting mechanisms is ActivityInsight by the company, Digital Measures. I am  very attuned to the fact that faculty time is precious and must not be wasted. Having said that, I believe ActivityInsight is an important system to maintain, as it aggregates scholarly data from a variety of databases we use at Michigan Tech, and provides us a central database to track scholarly activity at the University. I ask that all faculty periodically login to your ActivityInsight accounts to verify that your data is correct, and to ensure that you update your information. The information faculty provide in ActivityInsight is critical to decision-making processes at the University.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact Us

For information on Digital Measures:

Digital Measures University Administrator

For information about faculty promotion and tenure review, activity reporting, and faculty administrative deadlines, contact: 

Human Resources
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Provost/Academic Affairs
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