Academic Affairs

Periodic Program Review

Regular, periodic reviews of academic degree programs provide a formal process for thorough, fact-based documentation and evaluation of the programs, the infrastructure supporting them, and the plans for their growth and improvement.


Documents explaining Periodic Program Review are available for:

Internal review of graduate programs is overseen by the Graduate School. Internal review of undergraduate programs is overseen by the Provost’s Office and the relevant dean’s office.


  • External Program Review Self-Study Report Template - updated 9/28/2018
    • This template is intended for academic departments with undergraduate, graduate, and/or interdisciplinary programs not otherwise reviewed by a professional accrediting body.
    • For degree programs reviewed by professional accreditors, units should conduct the associated self-study following the accreditors’ guidelines.
  • Boilerplate files - updated 9/28/2018
    • Background informtation (university, facilities, graduate school administration, graduate student education) that can be copied into program self-study documents.