General Education Program

Current Requirements (effective Fall 2013)

The General Education curriculum consists of the following requirements:

  • Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Distribution requirement (12 credits)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) requirement (16 credits)
  • Co-curricular activities (3 semester units, typically 6 half-credit classes)

For additional information, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Core Course Substitutions.  The four core courses previously required for general education (UN1001 Perspectives, UN1002 World Cultures, UN2002 Composition and UN2002 Institutions) are no longer taught at Michigan Tech. The following substitutions are approved for students to complete their general education core. 

  1. COMPOSITION:     UN2001 or UN1015
  1.  GLOBAL LITERACY:  UN1002 World Cultures (or the Modern Language Option) or UN 1025 Global Issues



Transfer Credits. Students will be permitted to transfer courses from other institutions to satisfy these requirements. Students must check with the Michigan Tech Transfer Services Office to find out which courses qualify before a class is taken off-campus.

Changes to the General Education Program.  Students with calendar years prior to 2013-14 follow the previous general education program, which required 13 credits of core courses and 15 credits of HASS.  Departments may have specified one HASS course. Please see Senate Proposal 15-12 for the complete description of the changes.

For more information about changes to general education that will be effective Fall 2015, please see our Canvas course for General Education and Assessment.