6.24.1—Employee Education


Established to provide educational growth and development in support of the University's Strategic Plan, Goal 1: 1.1, which states the University will “provide professional development and leadership opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.”


  1. Employees should discuss and must receive permission from their supervisor to take the course(s). Once approved, the remaining process is very simple.

    1) If an employee has not previously taken classes at Michigan Tech, complete an application for admission (Admissions Office, Administration Building). If an employee has had a break in enrollment, the employee must be readmitted by Student Records and Registration.

    2) Register for courses online in Banweb (after being admitted or readmitted). Registration priority is based upon total credits earned.

    3) The tuition bill must be signed by the employee’s immediate supervisor. The bill must then be approved by a representative of the Benefits Office. The Cashier's Office must then validate your bill by the due date to avoid late charges.

  2. Related Information

    1. TAXABILITY - If graduate classes are above the IRS limit they may be taxable to the employee - refer to the Tax & General Accountant in accounting services.


04/10/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Business and Finance numbers renamed from "2.6000" to "6. Human Resources". Specifically from "2.6024.1—Employee Education" to "6.24.1—Employee Education".