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Cyndi Perkins



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She’s prone to social media binges, but Cyndi also takes time to stop and smell the flowers, especially our campus roses. The award-winning editor, journalist and columnist writes and edits for Michigan Tech’s web pages, electronic media and print publications. She finds work-life balance in the garden, on her yoga mat and anywhere near the water.

About Cyndi

  • The former Daily Mining Gazette journalist and editor hails from Houghton and has written for a variety of international, national and regional publications.
  • She co-creates, writes and edits content for the University’s myriad forms of new media, including websites, blogs and other outreach across departments, for new and existing members of the Michigan Tech community.
  • She is a sailor who enjoys Yoga, social media, gardening, and anything near the water. The debut novelist looks forward to writing more books.

Recent Stories 

Nuggets of Wisdom from a Pro

He taught. He toured. He even fit in a workout in the human performance laboratory. Steve Short, a 2010 graduate with a dual major in biological sciences and exercise science, was honored by the Michigan Tech Department of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology (KIP), and inducted into the Michigan Tech College of Sciences and Arts Academy. The former . . . Read More

New Grads Present Straits Tunnel Project to Lawmakers

The corridor, a 21-foot-diameter, 4.5-mile tunnel that would house utility lines that cross the Straits, was this year's senior capstone project for 13 civil engineering and three construction management graduates. The four students representing the group presented the project to the state's 15-member Pipeline Safety Advisory Board at its . . . Read More

Keith Vertanen Wins CAREER Award

Vertanen, an assistant professor in the Michigan Technological University Computer Science Department, received the NSF CAREER Award, a milestone for up-and-coming researchers that recognizes outstanding achievement and potential. The award will provide $538,799 in funding for Vertanen's five-year project, " Technology Assisted . . . Read More

Practice, Props and Proofing Make Perfect

Design Expo is a spring showcase of work from more than 1,000 students who collaborate with faculty and industry all year long. Student teams are judged on exhibits and timed presentations. A Senior Design biomedical engineering team work on a spinal implant recharging device; the Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise sweat the details . . . Read More