Cyndi Perkins



  • Feature Writer


She’s prone to social media binges, but Cyndi also takes time to stop and smell the flowers, especially our campus roses. The award-winning editor, journalist and columnist writes and edits for Michigan Tech’s web pages, electronic media and print publications. She finds work-life balance in the garden, on her yoga mat and anywhere near the water.

About Cyndi

  • The former Daily Mining Gazette journalist and editor hails from Houghton and has written for a variety of international, national and regional publications.
  • She co-creates, writes and edits content for the University’s myriad forms of new media, including websites, blogs and other outreach across departments, for new and existing members of the Michigan Tech community.
  • She is a sailor who enjoys Yoga, social media, gardening, and anything near the water. The debut novelist looks forward to writing more books.

Recent Stories 

Ready. Steady. Roll!

Two by two, students clamber onto the red, cylindrical log floating in the pool at Michigan Technological University's Student Development Complex. Steadied by students holding the log in place at either end, competitors brace for the start command: "Ready. Steady. Roll!" Play Michigan Tech Huskies Learn and . . . Read More

For the Birds

Tunk. Tunk. Tunk. Neon-green tennis balls strike the double-paned glass that fronts the atrium of the J.R. Noblet building at Michigan Technological University’s School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science (SFRES). Shot from a tennis ball cannon at varying speeds, the balls model the impact of bird-window collisions. They weigh about the . . . Read More

Copper Country Strong

It felt like the lightning strike at 5 a.m. hit the house. Huge crack. Explosion. The structure shook. It was still dark out, the power was out, and rain came down in sheets. "My wife and I hopped up and ran into the kitchen," Michigan Tech Career Services Director Steve Patchin ‘88 says. They stood in four inches of mud. By the light of their . . . Read More

In The Trenches

The centenary of the November 11, 1918 Armistice presented an opportunity to revisit a war that, despite its nickname, was eclipsed by the war to follow, as Doughboys were replaced by G.I.s and mother’s letter from home gave way to Betty Grable pin-ups. It was an opportunity to find out more about Michigan Tech—then known as Michigan College . . . Read More