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Invisibility Cloak With Photonic Crystals

Almost as elusive as unicorns, finding practical materials for invisibility cloaking is challenging. Michigan Technological University researchers have new ideas how to solve that. . . . Read More

Fighting Invasive Species in Michigan

Researchers from Michigan Technological University have received significant grants to tackle Eurasian Watermilfoil and Phragmites. They are developing novel strategies and community-based. . . Read More

Watch a Tiny Space Rocket Work

Moving a nanosatellite around in space takes only a tiny amount of thrust. Engineers from Michigan Technological University and the University of Maryland teamed up, put a nanoscale rocket. . . Read More

Thai Interns Spend Summer at Tech

Michigan Tech alumnus Parinya “Prince” Chakartnarodom is a professor at Kasetsart University in his native Thailand. He has maintained a connection with his University and his alma. . . Read More