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Thai Interns Spend Summer at Tech

Michigan Tech alumnus Parinya “Prince” Chakartnarodom is a professor at Kasetsart University in his native Thailand. He has maintained a connection with his University and his alma. . . Read More

Students from Pakistan Attend SYP

Each summer high school students from across the country come to the Michigan Tech campus to study a variety of disciplines in the Summer Youth Programs (SYP). Recently four students from. . . Read More

Underwater Glue: Bruce Lee Earns YIP Award

For work on reversible underwater adhesives, the Office of Naval Research has recognized an engineer from Michigan Technological University with a Young Investigator Program award. . . . Read More

Shaw Wins Research Award

The expression "he has his head in the clouds," generally means someone lacks focus and is not being realistic. For Michigan Tech researcher Raymond Shaw, winner of the University's 2016. . . Read More