Funding Opportunities

Teaching Assistantships

Mathematical Sciences graduate students are primarily supported with GTA (graduate teaching assistantship) positions, which pay for tuition and fees and provide a stipend to assist with living expenses. Graduate teaching assistants teach either in the classroom or lab. Classroom instructors teach undergraduate math courses (such as pre-calculus and calculus) beginning their second semester. Lab instructors lead computer labs in which students use computer algebra software in conjunction with calculus courses.

The department has one of the most thorough GTA training programs in the nation, which includes a course on teaching math, a seminar series, and a mentoring program. GTAs gain valuable teaching experience and also solidify their own understanding of mathematics.

All applicants are considered for GTA positions, but preference is given to those candidates who exhibit a good command of the English language and are committed to good teaching. Assistantships are awarded in March/April for the following academic year. Recipients of awards are notified as soon as the awards are made.

For more information, contact our graduate program director.

Research Assistantships

Some students are supported by a GRA (graduate research assistantship) position, which requires the student to work on a research project supervised by a faculty member. Typically, the research performed by the GRA will form a part of the student’s thesis. GRA availability varies.

External Funding Announcements