A team led by physicist John Jaszczak discovered a new mineral—merelaniite. It's made up of tiny whiskers of graphite-like spires extracted from the crooks of an albandanite crystal.

By Allison Mills

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2017 Michigan Tech Research Magazine


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Smart Adhesives

Inspired by the natural glues mussels make, biomedical engineering professor Bruce Lee works to make adhesives work under water.

The Butterfly Effect

Thomas Werner's journey from East Berlin to the Keweenaw has been a metamorphosis. His work with fruit flies is giving researchers an avenue to explore for cancer screening, prevention, and treatment.

Characterizing a Volcano

Measuring seismic events lets geologist Greg Waite "see" the magma at the heart of a volcano and take its pulse.

Sound Man

As a musician, Andrew Barnard was interested in acoustics before he became a professor of mechanical engineering at Michigan Tech. Now he works to make the world beneath the Great Lakes quieter.

Research in Brief

Environmental Finance Center, MTRI is 10, and updates to 2016 stories


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