Faculty Publications

Researchers at Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center are at the forefront of advanced research on a multitude of Great Lakes issues. From invasive species and coastal biology to marine engineering and water governance, our researchers work on challenging problems in many different areas. Discover more about Great Lakes research at Michigan Tech below by browsing each researcher’s recent publications.

Yushin Ahn

  • MCNABB, RW, R. HOCK, S. O’NEEL, LA RASMUSSEN, Y. AHN, M. BRAUN, H. CONWAY et al. "Using surface velocities to calculate ice thickness and bed topography: a case study at Columbia Glacier, Alaska, USA." Journal of Glaciology 58, no. 212 (2012): 1151
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  • Ahn, Y. and J. Box. 2010. Glacier velocities from time lapse photos: technique development and first results from the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) in Greenland, Journal of Glaciology, Journal of glaciology, 56(198), pp 723-734
  • van der Veen, C. J., Y. Ahn, B. M. Csatho, E. Mosley-Thompson, and W. B. Krabill. 2009. Surface roughness over the northern half of the Greenland ice sheet from airborne laser altimetry, J. Geophys. Res., 114, F01001, doi:10.1029/2008JF001067
  • Huh, K., B.G. Mark, C. Hopkinson, Y. Ahn, (2014), Evaluating volume change of tropical Peruvian glacuers using multi-temporal digital elevation models (DEMs) from aerial-based remote sensing, Remote sensing of Environment, submitted
  • Y.Ahn, Intergration of High-Resolution imaging and Terrestrial Laser Scanner, American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote sensing Annual Conference, March 23-28 2014, Louisville, KY, USA

Robert A. Andersen

  • Andersen, R.A. 2013. The microalgal cell. In: Handbook of Microalgal Culture. Biotechnology and Applied Phycology. 2nd Ed. (Richmond, A. & Hu, Q., Eds). Wiley-Blackwell (in press).
  • Stern, R.F., Andersen, R.A., Jameson, I. et al. 2012. Evaluating The Ribosomal Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) as a candidate dinoflagellate barcode marker. PLos ONE. Read More
  • Bhattacharya, D., Price, D.C., Yoon, H.S., Yang, E.C., Andersen, R.A., and Das, S.P. 2012. Single cell genome analysis supports a link between phagotrophy and primary plastid endosymbiosis. Scientific Reports 2: 356. doi: 10.1038/srep00356
  • Toney, J. L., Theroux, S., Andersen, R.A., Coleman, A., Amaral-Zettler, L, and Huang, Y. 2012. Culturing of the first 37:4 predominant lacustrine haptophyte: geochemical, biochemical, and genetic implications. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 78: 51-64.
  • Yang, E.C., Boo, G.H., Kim, H.J., Cho, S.M., Boo, S.M., Andersen, R.A., and Yoon, H.S. 2012. Supermatrix data highlight the phylogenetic relationships of photosynthetic stramenopiles. Protist 163: 217-231.
  • Andersen, R. A. 2011. Ochromonas moestrupii sp. nov. (Chrysophyceae), a new golden flagellate from Australia. Phycologia 50: 600-607.
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Martin T. Auer

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Nancy A. Auer

  • Oyadomari, J.K. and N.A. Auer. 2004. Inshore-Offshore distribution of larval fishes in Lake Superior off the western coast of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research. Vol. 30. Supplement 1, 369-384.
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Brian D. Barkdoll

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Leonard J. Bohmann

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William S. Breffle

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Joseph K. Bump

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Gary A Campbell

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Molly A. Cavaleri

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Rodney A. Chimner

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Rupali Datta

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