Guy Meadows

Guy Meadows


Director, Great Lakes Research Center

Adjunct Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

  • PhD, Marine Science, Purdue University, 1977
  • MSE, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1974
  • BSE, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1972


Upon graduation from Purdue University in 1977, Guy Meadows joined the faculty of the University of Michigan, College of Engineering, where he served as Professor of Physical Oceanography for 35 years. During his tenure, he served the College and University as Director of the Ocean Engineering Laboratory, Director of the Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research (NOAA, Joint Institute), Director of the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratories and founding Academic Director of the M-STEM Academy. He joined Michigan Tech in June of 2012, to help establish the new Great Lakes Research Center. His primary goal, to blend scientific understanding and technological advancements into environmentally sound engineering solutions for the marine environment, through teaching, research and service.

His teaching reaches beyond the University setting to less formal environments, and includes five nationally televised documentaries for the History and Discovery Channels. His primary research interests are in geophysical fluid dynamics with emphasis on environmental forecasting and full-scale, Great Lakes and coastal ocean experimental hydrodynamics. In this arena, he has influenced policy and explored societal impacts of environmental forecasting for coastal management, recreational health and safety, and regional climate change.

Research Interests

  • Large scale field experimentation in the Inland Seas of the Great Lakes and coastal oceans
  • Nearshore hydrodynamics and prediction
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous environmental monitoring platforms (surface and sub-surface)
  • Underwater acoustic remote sensing
  • Marine engineering

Recent Publications

  • Meadows, L.A., C. Whelan, D. Barrick, R. Kroodsma, C. Ruf, C.C. Teague, G.A. Meadows and S. Wang, “High Frequency Radar and its Application to Fresh Water,” Journal of Great Lakes Research, in press, 2013.
  • Meadows, G.A., “A Review of Low Cost Underwater Acoustic Remote Sensing for Large Freshwater Systems,” Journal of Great Lakes Research, in press, 2013.
  • Shuchman, R.A., L. Jenkins, C. Hatt, J Payne, S. Guyer, M. Sayers and G. Meadows, “A Combined SAR and Electro-Optical Satellite Based Algorithm to Estimate Water Depth and Volume of North Slope Lakes, Alaska,” Remote Sensing of the Environment, in review, 2012.
  • Norton, R. K., L. A. Meadows, G. A. Meadows. “Drawing Lines in Law Books and on Sandy Beaches: Marking Ordinary High Water on Michigan’s Great Lakes Shorelines Under the Public Trust Doctrine.” Accepted and in-press by Coastal Management, 2011.
  • Brown, H. C., Jenkins, L. K., Meadows, G.A., Shuchman, R.A., “BathyBoat: An Autonomous Surface Vessel for Stand Alone Survey and Underwater Vehicle Network Supervision,” Marine Technology Society Journal, Vol 44, No 4, 2010.
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