Degree Requirements

Master's students select the program of study in consultation with their advisor and committee. Course work requirements specific to SFRES are:

FW 5800—Master's Graduate Seminar (1 credit)
FW 5810—Research Methods in Natural Resources (2 credits)*
One upper division statistics class from the list of suggested courses*

* Not required for Peace Corps and Masters of Forestry students


Approval of equivalent courses can be given by the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science graduate program director in consultation with the student's advisory committee. The advisory committee may specify certain courses in which a student must achieve a grade of B or better.

Plan Options

All three plan options listed below are offered in Master's of Science degrees. The Master of Forestry degree offers Plans B and C only.


Michigan Tech Graduate School Requirements

Students must meet the program specific requirements set by their graduate program as well as the minimum degree requirements set by the Graduate School. Visit these links for Graduate School degree requirements.

Timeline to Degree—Track dates for submitting forms to the Graduate School with your advisor, so that you are both in agreement on your plans.