Master of Forestry

What is the Master of Forestry program?

The Master of Forestry (MF) is designed to allow students who have done well as undergraduates in another field to redirect their career and become a forester. The MF is a professional degree rather than a traditional Master of Science (MS) degree, and is designed to prepare you for a career in forestry. This program is accredited by the Society of American Foresters.

An accelerated option is available to Michigan Tech students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Forestry.

What are my course options?

The default for the MF is a course work master’s degree, although it is possible for students to choose to include a research project.

The course work option is designed to be completed in three semesters, and new students start during the fall semester. There is a set curriculum, but many students have flexibility in course selection because they have already satisfied some of the required courses and/or skills. Additional classes are generally substituted for the previously satisfied required courses. It is also possible for students to include extra classes.

The program includes biological and ecological aspects of managed forest ecosystems with a strong field component. The ability to use and apply emerging technologies such as remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), statistical modeling, and business principals to forest management situations is emphasized.

Call or email Tara Bal if you have questions concerning the appropriateness of this program for your career goals.

Are assistantships available?

Although there are no assistantships to support this program, the Dean of the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science does provide $1,000 for each accepted student that can be earned working on research projects within the School.  Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships and other funding sources.

Job Placement

Graduates of the Master of Forestry program experience great success in the job market. View the recent job placement statistics for this program and see for yourself.