Workshops and Opportunities

The William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning holds events and workshops to support Michigan Tech in the continuous improvement of teaching and learning at all instructional levels. 

Luncheons and Coffee Chat Events

During the fall and spring semesters, the Center invites faculty and instructional staff to luncheon and coffee chat events. Lunch and Learn events feature presentations by specialists from other institutions and those from our own Michigan Tech community. Coffee chats are scheduled regularly to provide instructors (faculty, postdocs, TAs, etc.) and staff with opportunities to discuss contemporary issues of interest.  These events provide an opportunity to network with faculty from other departments, learn new instructional strategies and tools, and become aware of instructional policy changes.  Please contact us with ideas and suggestions for future events.

Curriculum for Instructors

The CTL curriculum is available for Michigan Tech instructors (including postdocs, graduate teaching assistants and faculty) to provide pedagogical and technical training in six different aspects of instruction. Instructors are welcome to participate by signing up for pedagogical and technical workshops in an “à la carte” fashion or by completing a unit (with pedagogical, technical and practice elements) to earn a certificate.  Refer to the CTL Curriculum Overview page for additional information and a complete list of upcoming pedagogical and technical workshops.

Technical Workshops

The Center offers workshops year round to guide educators in the use of technologies as well as classroom and/or computer-mediated pedagogical techniques to support blended, learner-centered instruction. Many of our workshops focus on the use of the Canvas learning management system to support instruction.

Workshops are comprised of approximately 45 minutes of instruction (unless noted otherwise) with time afterwards for questions.  Seating capacity will vary depending on the topic. To learn more about our technical workshops, refer to the CTL CTL Curriculum Overview page, which includes links to workshop descriptions followed by a complete list of upcoming workshops.