Faculty Recognition

Fredrick D. Williams
Instructional Innovation Award Recipients






Adrienne Minerick
Chemical Engineering
Jason Keith
Chemical Engineering
Michael Moore
Institute for
Interdisciplinary Studies/
Bob Weidman
Paul Charlesworth

Professor Fredrick D. Williams served as a director of the Michigan Technological University Center for Teaching Excellence and as a longstanding member of the faculty of the Department of Chemistry. Fred is fondly remembered by his colleagues and students for his innovative and creative instruction in the large-enrollment first year chemistry sections. In honor of his years of service and his lifelong dedication to innovative teaching, the Michigan Tech Center for Teaching and Learning was pleased to establish the Fredrick D. Williams Instructional Innovation Award.

Each year, the Center for Teaching and Learning solicits nominations for this award from members of the Michigan Tech faculty, department chairs, and deans. The names of any nominees are publicized and additional feedback is elicited from the campus community and alumni.

Nominations are then reviewed by a selected panel of faculty members who have received the Distinguished Teaching Award and/or the Williams Instructional Innovation Award and staff from the Center for Teaching and Learning. The supporting documentation submitted by the person(s) making the nomination(s) and any additional feedback are used by the panel in its deliberations. The panel ultimately decides if the contribution of any of those persons nominated meets the criteria of exceptional or extraordinary innovation in instruction. If there is more than one nominee that meets the criterion, the panel then determines which of those nominees receive the award.

We are pleased that five of Michigan Technological University's distinguished faculty members have received the Fredrick D. Williams Award since its inception in 2005.