Undergraduate Research

Enroll in CH4990 / CH4995 for Credit

You can earn credits that count toward your degree by registering for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry (CH4990) or Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry (CH4995). You will select the number of credits to take based on your desired time commitment, which is approximately three hours a week per credit. Students may register for multiple terms—most projects last longer than 14 weeks. Prior to registering for CH4990 or CH4995, you must declare your intent to enroll in undergraduate research credits.

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Volunteer Work

When you volunteer in the lab, you gain valuable experience, which may lead to undergraduate research employment opportunities. To volunteer, you must be a current student and obtain departmental approval.

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Undergraduate students may apply for long- or short-term laboratory positions, which are dependent on available funding and employee experience. The Department of Chemistry office, located in Chem Sci 607, accepts student resumes and keeps them on file. Excellent opportunities exist for students with work-study financial aid.

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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Students are encouraged to apply to the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program, which offers summer fellowships for paid work on undergraduate research projects.

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* Note: A safety form must be on file in the department office for all lab positions.