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Get Connected with the CLC for Success in Chemistry

The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) is an important tool for success in first-year chemistry courses. Students who participate in the CLC typically earn one-half to one full letter grade higher than students who don't.

The CLC offers individual weekly appointments, team learning groups, walk-in assistance, study space and resources, and much more.

Learn more about the Chemistry Learning Center

If you would like to have a weekly appointment or participate in a team learning group, enroll in CH0100, which is open to students in any first-year chemistry class.

Note: There is no tuition cost associated with CH0100; it is not worth any credit, and grades are given as satisfactory/unsatisfactory based on attendance.

Step 1—Register for CH0100

When you register for classes during orientation week, enroll in CH0100. (If you forget, you can still add the course during the first week of classes if space is available.)

Register for CH0100 Today

Step 2—Set Your Meeting Time

During the first week of classes, stop by the CLC between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to sign up for a time that fits your schedule for one of the following:

  • an individual appointment (a half hour per week); or
  • a team learning group (three to four students, one hour per week).

You can choose whichever option suits you and your schedule the best.

Step 3—Attend Your First Meeting During Week Two

Weekly appointments and team meetings begin in the second week of classes. Come to the CLC at the time you signed up for, and you will meet your chemistry coach. You will meet with the same coach/team at the same time for the entire semester. The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable undergraduates who are familiar with the course material.