Feng Zhao

Feng Zhao


Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Program Director, Biomedical Engineering


Zhao's lab seeks to address the challenges associated with engineering completely biological cardiovascular tissues for regenerative medicine applications. We are developing innovative cell therapies using stem cell sheets to create 3D scaffold-free tissue constructs with the structural similarity, necessary mechanical characteristics, and sufficient immuno-compatibility to facilitate functional in vivo integration. We are also trying to recreate biomimetic microenvironment for 3D tissue development by precisely manipulating biomaterials, oxygen tension, and hydrodynamic culture conditions. The underlying mechanisms that regulate the tissue development are under ongoing investigation by the experimental replication of in vivo cell-cell and cell-environment interactions.

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Research Interests

  • Stem cell therapies
  • Naturally derived biomaterials
  • Cell sheet engineering
  • 3D scaffold-free tissue fabrication
  • Cardiovascular tissue regeneration
  • Neural Tissue Engineering

Selected Publications (* Corresponding Author)

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