Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service Ribbon

This award is presented to alumni and friends making significant contributions to the success of the Board of Directors and/or the University.

2017 Award Recipient


Anyone may nominate Michigan Tech alumni for the award which may be given out annually, as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. The deadline for nominations is December 1.

Make a Nomination

If you have any questions about the nomination process, or would like to submit a nomination by mail, fax, or phone, please contact Alumni and Friends at 906-487-2400, toll-free at 1-877-688-2586, or alumni@mtu.edu.

Past Award Recipients

Name Class Major Awarded
Dr. Paul H. Mikkola 1966 Metallurgical Engineering 2017
Joshua T. and Jana M. Fogarty 2003/2005 Materials Science and Engineering 2016
Susan L. Korpela 1978 Chemical Engineering 2015
Marie L. Cleveland 1982 Business Administration 2014
Stasia and Richard Gray 1982 Liberal Arts, Geological Engineering 2013
*Tanya Klain (Wareham) 1990 Mechanical Engineering 2012
Russell A. Gronevelt 1969 Civil Engineering 2011
Robert J. Freimuth 1977 Business Administration 2010
John F. Calder 1967 Mechanical Engineering, Business Engineering Administration 2009
Dr. Dennis E. Teeguarden 1953 Forestry 2007
Michael C. Henricksen 1964 Forestry 2006
Dean L. Woodbeck 1978 Liberal Arts 2006
Donald A. Daavettila 1956 Engineering Physics 2005
*Dr. Edward R. Fisher 1961   2004
James A. Mitchell 1965 Chemistry 2004
Dennis L. Euers 1966 Electrical Engineering 2003
Robert T. Olson   WMPL Owner/Broadcaster and friend of the Huskies 2002
Daniel L. Rivard 1959 Mechanical Engineering 2001
Howard A. Zollinger, PE 1951 Electrical Engineering 2001
Gary E. Anderson 1967 Chemical Engineering 2000
Thomas R. Irwin 1963 Business Administration 2000
Gary E. Kent 1970 Mechanical Engineering 2000
E. Michael Balock 1985 Biological Sciences 1999
A. Michael Santosky 1973 Mechanical Engineering 1999
David R. Hongisto   Michigan Tech Retiree 1998
Dewaine A. Olson 1962 Business Administration 1998
Gary E. and Sharlyn R. Stocker 1977 Civil Engineering 1998
*René E. Adams     1997
Ronald E. Starr, PE 1967 Mechanical Engineering 1996
Steven R. Wendorf 1989 Business Administration 1996
*Robert O. Williams, Sr.     1996
Steven M. Bailo, PE 1984 Mechanical Engineering 1995
*Charles Edwin Haltenhoff 1951 Civil Engineering (Lehigh University) 1995
Thomas P. Fryzel, PE 1986 Chemical Engineering 1994
*Harold Meese 1960 Business Enigineering Administration 1994
*Norman R. Pratt, PE 1942 Mechanical Engineering 1994
*Gordon A. Hellman, PE 1942 Mechanical Engineering 1993
David R. and Ellen D. (David) Nelson 1979 Geological Engineering, Liberal Arts 1993

* Deceased